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Armada satisfies both the "Live" and recording demands of the music business with a true, one of a kind sound and format. Armada is best described as a band with a dual personality. What sets Armada apart from other bands is their noticeably different format which is a combination of both trendy Commercial Rock Plus Explosive Concert Rock! This format, plus the advantage of a True, Unique, one a kind sound has proven to be liked by many!! New York's RXP Rock Radio listeners Voted Armada #1 Long Island Band. PLUS.. The Long Island Music Festival, a band competition that starts with over 100 bands and is judged by industry pros. voted Armada finalists 3 years running! Armada's Powerful, One of a Kind Sound has attracted large amounts of diversified listeners and age groups, which have allowed the band to perform in all kinds of situations and venues: Teen clubs, national venues, exclusive "all original" venues, family theme parks, festivals, band competitions, even benefits. Armada's motto reflects their music: Big sound, Big issues. Armada's songs try not to be" inner based", instead they take an outward focus on bigger more worldly issues. For example; The song "The Angels Are Calling My Name" is about a soldier who realizes that today he's going to die, and there's no escape. "Hopelessly Homeless" is a song about how the destitute are regular, sometimes very intelligent people who have fallen on hard times. Armada"s objective is to open people's eyes about important issues without preaching...

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Name: Jose Martinez
Email: esoj5718@gmail.com
Call: (516) 993-5688

Name: Jerryvan Rosado
Email: JerryvanRosado@Gmail.com
Text: (347) 722-5548

Name: Dean Steiger
Email: DinoCo2@aol.com
Call: (516) 642-2124

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